MMOexp Diablo 4:Its ability to slow nearby enemies

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MMOexp Diablo 4:Its ability to slow nearby enemies


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Blizzard made a wise decision in letting players experience Diablo 4 ahead of its launch in the span of three unique beta weekends, as this has allowed the team an opportunity to make adjustments to the game's mechanics and class balance, and many players are sold on the game already.

While this looks like a win scenario, it wasn't like this from the get-go, and there were a couple of seconds where the game didn't feel great to players testing it, especially while playing some specific characters. Diablo 4's classes all have a variety of available abilities, and although not all of them are meant to deal high damage one Druid skill became a meme very rapidly, yet it has potential.

This skill is Hurricane, which has a ton of value as a defensive skill thanks to its ability to slow nearby enemies and make them deal 20% less damage, all with a 3-point investment. However, Hurricane is indeed supposed to also deal damage, and at first, it became a meme thanks to a video from Raxxanterax, who talked about the disappointments of playing Diablo 4's Druid and the first cast of Hurricane dealing a whopping 17 damage to enemies. This will probably remain a meme in Diablo 4 for quite a while, however the skill itself can be recovered.

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